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About Us

Cigar Recon was formed for two reasons.  The first is a deep and undeniable love of the leaf.  We are passionate about cigars from the growth of the leaf to the time you toast the foot.  We believe this passion should be the same for any aficionado who wants to enjoy a great cigar. 

The second reason is some of the best cigars are hard to find.  We keep a watchful eye out for those elusive cigars.  We frequent “target rich” environments seeking those well-aged and well-maintained cigars that you have been seeking.  Let us find that perfect cigar for you. 

We are your Cigar Recon specialists.

Great flavors and construction make great cigars and we will let you be the judge.

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“Cigars are society. They are the food you eat and the bed where you sleep. They are the clothes you wear and the shoes on your feet. Cigars are, at the very least, responsible for everything you and I have.”
Mark McGinty